*experiment* // sticker residue

A quick little experiment I made in the studio exploring irritation, habit, harm, bodies etc

TEXT: Stickers stuck to the electrical equipment they come with. Stickers denoting some specific feature or hardware in bright, clean shiny metallic text that POPs. Stickers long gone but the residue holds fast. The residue is not bright shiny or metallic, it is a dull anonymous grey; grey like grease, grey like cartilage, grey like the jelly in a pork pie.
Why am i having to scrub pork pie jelly off my laptop which i didn’t want stickers on in the first place. My nails have worn down from scratching this gunk and my fingers are going raw on the tips. It makes me want to fuck off it makes me want to die.
Eject eject. Button on the dashboard that POPs me out the top like in Thunderbirds or something.

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