I tried to make myself feel better after two weeks of upsetting police violence on social media, and a hashtag getting a TV theme song stuck in my head. Ended up with some mini-propaganda.

cw: police violence, mouth noises

It’s [2020]

A short video to accompany a poem about the G-word

cw: gender dysphoria

(Plastic) Carnations [2020]

(Plastic) Carnations is a song that I wrote originally years ago, about a funeral celebrating the life of a sister I never had. 
Since understanding my gender identity better in recent years, I revisited, recorded and made this video for the song.

cw: gender dysphoria, death


This is a film I made about home, nostalgia, melancholy and growing up. 
I’ve wanted to make something about my home ever since I found myself falling out of love with it.
It’s very personal but hopefully you can take something from it too.

rehearsal room seven [2019]

A short and stupid film made from images, footage, words and chance events from a studio session a while ago. 
This is about boredom, repetition, objects and missing the safety and structure of education.

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