_old project_ A Room Full of People present: NOTHING

‘I have never been able to relate.
This is not an experience I understand’

Seven voices calling out over the noise of the world. Seven people who have run out of words to say. Seven bodies and seven brains desperately seeking to connect with something, but reaching nothing

Bristol performance collective A Room Full of People present NOTHING by Lulu Raczka, an unexpectedly human exploration of the line between emotion and total apathy in the current social climate.

Through a deconstructed performance, a dissection of Raczka’s uncompromising text and through heavy manipulation of sound, A Room Full of People deliver an experience that is suffocating, inescapable and uniquely intimate.’

poster was done by Tom Stockley

In 2018, myself and Rachel Eames recruited a collective of Bristol based performers, actors, dancers, musicians, writers, poets and artists for a devising project which would end up being A Room Full Of People present: NOTHING.

Beginning with mine and Rachel’s specific creative vision based on our shared tastes and structured by Lulu Raczka’s 2014 play, we devised with the entire collective for two months before presenting the final outcomes at the Exchange, a music venue in Bristol, in early July.

The resulting performance was a surprising, uncompromising and unexpectedly human exploration of apathy, emotion, and our search for something.

(Personally I thought it was brilliant. I’m so proud of what we did and love everyone involved to bits)

You can still look at images from our process on the A Room Full Of People Instagram (or in the gallery below), and read reviews of the performance by Annie Philbin at One of Those Lives and by Naomi Curston at Inching Forwards​

A Room Full of People

from left to right:
Saili Katebe, Sean Addicott, Bridgette Hall-Smith, Aisling Rachel Madden, Kimberley Pennell, Naomi Nehemen Palacios, Tim Lo, Eddie Cunningham

on the floor:
me, Rachel Eames, Adele Le Gallez

The project would not have been possible without Iwan Best and all at Exchange, Creative Youth Network and the team at The Station. Thank you x

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