_old project_ A Magnolia

Me and my friend Anna McComish formed A Magnolia as a way to keep making strange, intimate, poetic things together after our degree.

We made three pieces of performance as well as curating an instagram of pictures and poetry, and a twitter feed, which you can also see below.

128 Alexandra Road [December 2017]

‘…perhaps the End of the World, one that we could FEEL, is the loss of our homes, our friends, our lives, through nothing more drastic than numbness.’

Presented as part of Creative Youth Network’s The End Of The World Cabaret, 128 Alexandra Road saw two beings sorting through utterances, overheards and misunderstoods from a dead world, searching for what used to be there in the debris.

Corner [April 2018]

‘You are you and I am me and we love each other. We can both hear the world looking.’

A durational performance consisting of an attempt at a jigsaw soundtracked with repeated clips of commentary from football videogames, Corner meditated on the love between friends under observation by the world and its expectations. Performed at Alumnight at The Station.

(Í)sland [May 2018]

‘Untangling the delicate thread of magic that connects Identity, Iceland and Islanders.’

Commissioned by Alderney Performing Arts Festival, (Í)sland told two stories from Iceland – the ancient saga of King Hrolf and His Champions and a blow-by-blow of the 2008-2011 Financial Crisis. Exploring how the people who live somewhere identify themselves through story, and how to balance heritage and modernity, (Í)sland also attempted to probe the proud but hesitant cultural identity of Alderney, the island it was performed on.

pictures and words

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