NOT WORKING [September 2020]

‘Might be about my job, or your job.Might be about essential work.Might be about Marx, and capitalism and alienation.Might be about crises and pandemics and preparing differently, I guess.Might be about revolution and liberation and changing the world.Might just be about staying in bed.‘ NOT WORKING is a lazy attempt to consider the status, cultureContinue reading “NOT WORKING [September 2020]”

The Safe Use Of Ladders + Stepladders [August 2019]

cw: contains discussion of fascism and white supremacy, and presentation of physical violence “When working from a ladder, you should maintain three points of contact with it at all times. This will keep you safe.” But the bulb needs two hands to be unscrewed. And you need to hold the nail before you can hammerContinue reading “The Safe Use Of Ladders + Stepladders [August 2019]”