my name is Jordan, but ‘onlytheantscansaveusnow’ is more showbiz.
here’s some quick things i wrote about Me And My Stuff:


  • i am 25 yrs old
  • i live in Salford, Greater Manchester but am originally from Alderney in the Channel Islands
  • i’m queer and trans and use she/they pronouns
  • i like communism and anarchism or something like that
  • i’m vegan cos i like animals and i’m two-and-a-half years straight edge cos i don’t like hangovers
  • i did a degree in Drama with Creative Writing at UWE in Bristol, and did a Masters in Contemporary Performance Practice at the University of Salford and i did alright both times and some people have said i’m quite good at making stuff so here i am making stuff


  • i ‘mainly’ make live performance, but also moving image/video and basically all sorts really
  • the three things at the front of my brain when i’m making work are its queerness, radical-ness and DIY-ness. these overlap and ebb and flow through everything but are always there in some amount
  • other things i like to feature in my work are:
    • anti-capitalism
    • the penal system
    • propaganda
    • class struggle & radical politics
    • finding things
    • nicking things
    • queer liberation
    • mucking about
    • radical history
    • power + violence
    • domestic appliances
    • weirdness and idiosyncrasy
    • bops
    • internet cultures
    • overdoing it
    • undercutting it
    • things going on too long
    • things not going on long enough
    • non-conventional theatre spaces
    • vulnerability
    • lists
    • chatting
    • DIY culture
    • forgetting stuff
    • punk rock
    • horror films
    • failure

i hope that wasn’t too much chaos x

you can get me on instagram: @onlytheantscansaveusnow 
you can get me on twitter: @onlytheantsCSUN
you can get me on youtube: /onlytheantscansaveusnow

(below is a spotify playlist of tracks that largely shouldn’t be appearing on a playlist together, but that communicate my vibe a bit and help me when i need to get stuff done:)